Here's what people are saying about Brian Lee:

You have to see this guy, he is VERY funny!
Johnny Rizzo
Professional Comedian

Awesome live show - one of the coolest guys to  live since Jesus, and
definitely the funniest!
Alex S.
West Virginia University

Brian Lee's comedy kept me laughing all night.  He is entertaining,
charismatic, HOT and he will definitely show you a "good time" *wink
wink*.  Brian's show is for anyone that loves to laugh!  Don't miss him!
Angela B.
Pittsburgh, PA
Business Analyst

Saw more than 6 shows, each one funnier than the last one!!!!! This is
one FUNNY guy.  Make it a point to see his show.  You'll  laugh your butt
off.  Can't wait till the next show!
Lisa M.
Credit Union CEO
Weirton, WV

Brian Lee is hysterical!  I don't mean he's funny....I mean  he's deliriously
hysterical.  When I saw him, he literally brought  tears to my eyes (it
might have had something to do with the fact that he  was cutting on
me). Anyway, he's funny, too!  Go see him (but wear a  helmet)!!!
Matt M.
U.S. Navy
Millington, TN

I remember seeing Brian, I remember laughing like hell from
the first joke 'til the last.  I just can't remember what the f**k he
said.  Must go again with a hidden camera, I could make a fortune on
pirate dvd sales.
Graham D.
Royal Navy(Retired)
United Kingdom

Brian’s performance made the four hour drive worth it!  His performance
is professional and on the mark.  Looking forward to another great
show!  Thanks for the laughs Brian!!
April L.
Philadelphia, PA

Brian Lee was hilarious as the headliner for Cadillac Joes. I loved the
interaction with the crowd, the comments within the audience were the
best adding to the show.  I can't remember the last time I laughed so
hard. The girls and I enjoyed every moment of Brian Lee's jokes. When
we did the Oath near the end of the show I couldn't help but laugh when
Brian picked on my girlfriend that she was participating all because he
overheard my sarcastic remark! I highly recommend everyone come
out and see the next show! Highly entertaining!
Philadelphia, PA

We went to the Comics on Duty show the other night and the only comic
that we talked about through out that entire show was BRIAN LEE!!!!!
Dude is seriously funnier in his introduction than the entire Comics on
Duty "talent".  The only Comic on Duty we want to see is BRIAN LEE!!!
Dan C.
Patuxent River, MD
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