* Photos *
Publicity Photos.
Taken at the Blue Anchor, Cornwall, UK.  Special thanks to Rebecca Houde
for the awesome job she did taking the photos and putting up with our
drunken ravings. (Second row:  Pittsburgh Improv)
next show:   To Be Announced
Brian At The Blue Anchor
Brian Lee Classic Mug Shot
World Tour:  Outside world-famous Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL.;
overlooking Seattle from the Space Needle; the Coliseum in Rome;  Elvis'
grave at Graceland, Memphis, TN; Las Vegas (9 a.m.); The Regal Beagle
in Phoenix, AZ.; M street and the world famous "Exorcist" Steps,
Georgetown. Stonehenge (2005).
Performing for the troops in Al-Udeid, Qatar, 2007.
November 2007.  Jimmy Buffett concert in Tampa, FL.
30 Jan 2008.  Tampa Improv
Farewell Party - Tampa Fl.  April 2008.   As you can tell by the top middle
picture, it was "Dress Like Brian Lee Day".
The Mini Cerebral Punishment Reunion. May 2008.  Jimmie, Cindy, Joe D.
and me.
August 2008.  Hard Rock Cafe,  Pittsburgh, Pa.
October 31, 2008.  Alex S, Nick G., and me putting little kids into therapy and
creating general havoc on Halloween.
April 2009.  Opening for The Outlaws, East Liverpool, OH.
May 2009.  American Legion Show with Issues Entertainment.  Also
pictured:  Brandon Pine, Chris McClure, and Alex S.
October 31, 2009.  Yep, one year later and at it again!
August, 2009.  Last...I mean, First Annual Keystone Comedy Festival.
November, 2009.  Cadillac Jacks' Night Club.