What is the "B" List?
Rubbing elbows with "Almost Greatness"...that's what the "B" list is.      
     Below are some picks with me and some semi-famous celebs.
       * The "B" List *
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2003.  Brian, Nick G., and Triple P hanging out with actor and horror
make-up artist Tom Savini in Pittsburgh, PA.
2008.  Hanging out with some of my Pro Wrestling friends.  Left:  Jerry
Lynn.  Middle:  Shimma Xion and Jason Gory.  Right:  "Fabulous" John
Kane Hodder, Gunnar Hansen, Sid Haig, Megan Carpoon, and Teri McGInn.
April 2009.  Opening for The Outlaws, East Liverpool, OH.
Hanging with Paul Hooper and "Super Fan" Alex S. at the Keystone
Comedy Festival.
2003.   Doing a show in Butler, PA with Pittsburghs' own Billy Elmer.  You
might remember him from "The Wedding Singer".
September 2010.  (Clockwise from top left).  "Diamond" Dallas Page,
Reggie Bannister, Gary Busey, Bill Moseley, William Forsythe,  and Kristy
November 2010.  Comedian Bob Marley, DC Improv.
April 2017.  Hanging with comedian Mitch Fatel.
 2017 - Pres.  Some of the greats I've had the opportunity to work with:
         Steve Hytner, Kevin Farley, Joey Medina, and Rex Meredith.