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2001 - Old Saybrook, CT.

Brian Lee took the stage alone for the first time,
opening up for local legend Johnny Rizzo.  It only
took ten minutes.....but he was hooked.  6 years
later, Brian went from a 10 minute, thrown
together act to headlining his own shows all over
the east coast and Europe.
"You're really funny...you should be on stage".
If I had a dime for every time I heard that, I
wouldn't have to work anymore.  I never imagined
myself being on stage and telling jokes.....let
alone being paid for it.  I enjoyed staying in the
background...being the funny guy everyone loved
to hang around with.  All that changed in a little
town in Connecticut in 2000.
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Very Humble Beginnings.
In the summer of 2000, I met a up-and-coming
comic by the name of  "Big Head" Dave Gourley.  
Finding that we had a similar sense of humor,
Dave was convinced that we could take the show
that we put on in little bars in Groton, and put
them on stage.  After much badgering, (and much
tequila), he finally convinced me to give it a shot.  
We wrote several routines, and were going to give
it a shot as a two-man sketch comedy team, ala
Martin and Lewis.  We found an open mic night,
invited a few friends, drank ALOT, and got on
stage.  The rest, as they say, is history.  The
owner of the establishment, a former stand-up
comic himself, offered us a job as an opening act
for one of the bars monthly comedy shows.  Just
a few weeks later, with the stage names "Lee and
Elvis", we were sharing the stage with Vince
D'antone and Billy Naughton.  Our pay....free
dinner and all we could drink.  What else could
we ask for?  
One month after that, I got my first chance at a
solo act.  Dave was called out of town on
business the weekend of our next show.  "Can
you go solo, Brian"? I had no choice.  I put
together 10 minutes worth of material and geared
up for the big night....opening two shows for
Johnny Rizzo!  Since that night.....I can't think of
anything else I would rather be doing.
The Birth of Cerebral Punishment.
In 2001, due to our "Real Job" commitments, Lee
and Elvis' time was coming to an end.  Dave was
heading south to continue his solo career, and I
was heading back to my hometown of Pittsburgh,
PA to....well, just to get out of New England.  I ran
into some old friends who had put together a very
good rock band, and had the tri-state area (PA,
OH, WV) pretty locked down when it came to
getting good gigs.  They introduced me to a bar
owner, who just happen to also run a comedy
club...The Jokers' Wild.  At this time, I was still
content working 10 minute routines and
emceeing events.....oh, and making NO money,
but still all the free drinks I wanted.  I did several
shows at the Jokers' Wild, and had the
opportunity to work with several comedy
veterans....all of which giving me experience,
great advice, and guidance.  It was during one of
these shows that I would meet my new comedy
partner...."Mongo Jimmi" Lee.  Jim was a very
talented singer and songwriter, and front man for
a popular local band.   After a weekend writing
session that included many drinks and the
Steelers kicking the shit out of the Cleveland
Browns, I convinced Jim to work with me on
some shows....shows that would now include
original comedy songs and parodies.  That was
the weekend I came up with the name "Cerebral
Punishment" for our new act....comedy that was
so good it hurt your brain when you really thought
about it.   We also decided to try and get
independent bookings at some of the local bars.  
Our first "gig" came in March of 2002, when we
headlined at Marti's Bar in Uniontown, PA......the
start of what would be a year of bookings that
would eventually gather quite a following in the
tri-state area.

Where are they now?
After some extensive travel (including two trips
overseas), I am now back and working in the
U.S., mostly around the Maryland, Pennsylvania,
Virginia area.

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updates on appearances and performances.
Past Headline Performances:
Reno Tahoe Comedy - Reno, NV
Carson Valley Inn & Casino - Gardnerville, NV
Jokers' Wild - St. Clairsville, OH
McNulty's - Old Saybrook, CT
Mar'yz Inn - Washington, PA
Marti's - Uniontown, PA
The Irish Pub - Weirton, WV
Twin Rocks - Uniontown, PA
The Indian Club - Tiltonsville, OH
TD's Sports Bar - Uniontown, PA
The Light House - Follansbee, WV
Ravens' Eye - Newquay, Cornwall, UK
FLIX Theater - Newquay, Cornwall, UK
Coalition Compound - Al Udeid, Qatar
American Legion Post #10 - Weirton, WV
Cadillac Jacks' Night Club - Lexington Park, MD
Fatboys Country Store - Leonardtown, MD
American Legion - Seaside, CA
American Legion - Marina, CA
American Legion - Weirton, WV

Other Performances:
The Improv - Pittsburgh,  PA
Casino Fandango - Carson City, NV
Scoobys - Bridgeville, PA
Savannah's - Zelienople, PA
The Trolley Stop - Pensacola, FL
Trinity Brew House - Providence, RI
The Tiger Pub - Shadyside, OH
Best Western - Butler, PA
The Improv - Tampa, FL
Hard Rock Cafe - Pittsburgh, PA
Keystone Comedy Festival - Altoona, PA
3rd. St. Bar - Reno, NV.

Great Comics I Performed With:
Billy Elmer                         Steve Hytner
Geechy Guy                       Kevin Farley
Johnny Rizzo                     Rex Meredith
R. Bruce                             Paul Hooper
David Kaye
Vince D'antone & George
Just June
Robert York
Q-Von Bryant
Shaun Jones
Billy Naughton