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         Reasons to Drink for March:

1 1974 - Queen began their first headlining tour or England.
2 1952 - Happy Birthday Laraine Newman (Original SNL cast member).
3 1849 - The U.S. Congress created the territory of Minnesota (also
known as "Lower Canada").
4 1954 - Happy Birthday Catherine O'Hara (Original SCTV cast member).
5  1982 - John Belushi died in Los Angeles of a drug overdose at the age
of 33.
6 1947 - Happy Birthday David Gilmour (Pink Floyd).
7 Pittsburgh Steeler greats Lynn Swann and Franco Harris were both
born on this day.
8 1945 - Happy Birthday Mickey Dolenz (The Monkees).
9 1964 - The first Ford Mustang rolled off of the Ford assembly line.  Navy
Fighter pilots rejoiced!
10 1979 - James Brown played at the Grand Ole Opry. Boy, I bet THAT
was awkward.
11 1971 - Happy Birthday Johnny Knoxville.
12 1894 - Coca-Cola was sold in bottles for the first time.
13 1973 - Pink Floyd released "Dark Side of the Moon". Stoners
everywhere rejoiced!  
14 1948 - Happy Birthday Billy Crystal.
15 1919 - The American Legion was founded in Paris.
16 1963 - "Puff The Magic Dragon" was released.  It's ok...Stoners get it!
17 Happy St. Patrick's Day!...now drink, damnit!
18 1950 - Happy Birthday Brad Dourif.  Look him up...you know him!
19 1931 - The state of Nevada legalized gambling.  Degenerates
everywhere rejoiced!
20 1760 - The Great Fire of Boston destroyed 349 buildings.  Only in New
England can something cause THAT much damage and still be called
21 1958 - Happy Birthday Gary Oldman.
22 1906 - France lost the first ever rugby game ever played against
Britain...or did they surrender?
23 1985 - Billy Joel and Christy Brinkley were married in New York.
24 1953 - Happy Birthday comedian Louie Anderson.
25 1968 - The 58th and final episode of "The Monkees" TV show was
26 1973 - Women were allowed on the floor of the London Stock
Exchange for the first time...probably to clean it, I'm sure.
27 1963 - Happy Birthday Quentin Tarantino.
28 1970 - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's "Woodstock" was released.
29 1943 - Happy Birthday Eric Idle (Monty Python).
30 1994 - Pink Floyd released the album "The Division Bell."
31 1959 - Happy Birthday Angus Young (AC/DC).
May 4th - Fallon Elks Club, Fallon, NV
     "Brian-Buster" Recommendations"

Must See:  "Hotel Artemis" (2018).   Fun, futuristic, gangster...I can't
explain it.  Dave Batista is in it, so it's automatically cool.

Must Avoid:  
"The Nun" (2018)".  Reasons for seeing it.....Nun!
                   Time to Hit the Road!!

Yes, That's right, time to take this comedy thing on the road.  Nevada is
fun and all, but nothing beats getting back to the east coast.

So, the picture above is not the latest Mcdonald's add campaign, but a
wonderful homage to the greatness that is the Their Goes the
Neighborhood Comedy Tour.

I need to start by thanking Jimmy Earl for not only asking me to be part
of this show, but to close it out (a.k.a HEADLINE).  I have had the pleasure
of working with Jimmy on several occasions and trust me, he is
hilarious and you will love him.

I don't know much about the other 3 comics, unfortuantley, but I have
heard goood things about all of them, so I know they will bring it.

Finally, not picutred is the special guest for the night, my Good Brother,
Kris Tinkle.  Kris is a comic who can do it all...and he is going to stop by
to do a set on his way to NYC for a tv taping.  If you haven't heard of Kris,
look him up.

If you want tickets or more information about the show, just hit the
"Schedule" tab over there on the left.  Looking forward to seeing all my
Philly friends again.    See you all on the 27th!

Till next time......drinks are on me,

                 Brian's Bucket List!
Just a random list of things  Brian wants "to do" before  it's all over.  
                               This month: Mandy Leone!
Jagoff of the Month:
Jagoff - Noun - /ˈjaɡˌôf/
Definition:  A foolish or contemptible person; stupid; inept.