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              Reasons to Drink for May:

1 1992 - Rodney King gave his "Can't we all get along" speech.
2 1979 - The Who's movie "Quadrophenia" premiered in London.
3  1969 - Jimi Hendrix was arrested when Canadian customs officials
found heroin in his bag.
4 1976 - KISS performed their first concert in their hometown of New
York City.
5 1940 - Happy Birthday Lance Henriksen.
6 1962 - The first nuclear warhead was fired from the Polaris
7 1968 - Happy Birthday Tracy Lords.
8 1886 - Pharmacist Dr. John Styth Pemberton invented what would
later be called "Coca-Cola."
9 1979 - Happy Birthday Rosario Dawson.
10 1974 - Eric Clapton recorded "I Shot the Sheriff."
11 1974 - Steely Dan's "Rikki, Don't Lose That Number" was released.
12 1937 - The legend, George Carlin, was born on this day.
13 1939 - Happy Birthday Harvey Keitel.
14 1998 - Frank Sinatra died at the age of 82.
15 1964 - The Smothers Brothers gave their first concert in Carnegie
Hall in New York City.
16 1969 - Pete Townsend was arrested onstage after mistakenly
kicking a New York police officer.
17 1875 - The first Kentucky Derby was run at Louisville, KY.
18 1988 - Happy Birthday Alex S.
19 1945 - Happy Birthday Pete Townsend.
20 1993 - The final episode of "Cheers" was aired.
21 1980 - The movie "The Empire Strikes Back" was released.
22 1967 - "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" premiered on PBS.
23 1958 - Happy Birthday Drew Carey.
24 1938 - Happy Birthday Tommy Chong.
25 1969 - Led Zeppelin and the Who appeared together in concert at the
Merriweather Post Pavilion.
26 1948 - Happy Birthday Stevie Nicks.
27 1995 - Christopher Reeve was paralyzed after being thrown from his
horse during a jumping event.
28 1977 - The song "Barracuda" was released by Heart.
29 Happy Anniversary Bob & Linda C.
30 1868 - Memorial Day was observed for the first time in the U.S.
31 1930 - Happy Birthday Clint Eastwood.
May 4th - Fallon Elks Club, Fallon, NV
        "Brian-Buster" Recommendations"

Must See:  "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" (2017).   Finally,
an Oscar winner worth seeing!  Sam Rockwell is still the most
underrated actor in Hollywood.

Must Avoid:  
"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (2017)".  Disney has killed
the franchise...end of story.
           Back and Better Than EVER!!

Yes, it's true......I'm back!!!!!

The past year has been very trying with many ups and downs.  Where to

- Penguins win their second straight Stanley Cup...on their way to
another, hopefully.

- We Made America Great Again!

- I retired, came out of retirement, went into semi-retirement, and now I
work all the time.

- Made a ton of new comedy friends and got to work with some fantastic

- Quit 4 jobs.....that felt good.

- Worked with great people (and 3 serious cunt bags) at said 4 jobs.

- Got to do a lot of traveling and just basically got the chance to sit back
and finally enjoy life.

There are a few changes to the website, with more changes to be
coming shortly.  Make sure you check around the links to see the
changes (B List, Schedule, etc.) Looking for help from some of my
Semi-Loyal Lee-tards in getting more content for the site.

Check back for more updates and show info later this month.

Till next time......drinks are on me,

                   Brian's Bucket List!
 Just a random list of things  Brian wants "to do" before  it's all over.  
                            This month: Jessica Canizales!